• Click on Table of Contents shows all Prayer Topics and the page number

  • Using “search” icon and quickly find your prayer topic as well as other scriptures using that same “word topic”. For example, if you type praise in search icon, it will not only take you to verses under the prayer topic “Praise” but all other scriptures in the book using the word “Praise”. So under the Praise topic there are 19 scripture verses, there are 102 scriptures in the entire book that also have the word praise in it. Another example 13 scripture verses under wisdom, yet 67 scripture verses in entire book. EXPANDS YOUR WORD TOPIC USAGE.

  • Click on any word and it will give you its definition and more.

  • Change font and size for easier reading

  • Highlight verses in different colors to stand out and add notes to these highlights

  • Highlight or right click with your mouse any verse or word to make a copy, add a note, get more info from Wikipedia and more

  • Use bookmark icon to create quick access to that page for future reference.

  • Create notes and flashcards of items for future reference.Ex. Create flashcards/notes of “COMBO” verses for healing that contain scripture from different topics to use with healing such as Compassion-Kindness-Strength-Love and more

  • Copy scripture verses and then forward by text/email to people in need of prayer. Couple those scriptures along with your own words as well.